5 Ex Male Porn Performers Share Their Brutal Experiences Doing Porn

The website https://www.xsorted.com/ collects many views from different LGBT representatives. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the truth about the violence of this industry. Let’s hear the freshest stories about the brutal experiences that made the actors leave porn once and for all.


“Being a gay porn actor was always an emotionally exhausting task. However, I never expected it to turn into a nightmare. One day, a not-so-popular company offered me to participate in a rape scene. According to the plot, I had to be entirely passive, but I wasn’t told that I’d be fucked by 4 big guys. I learned about it in the process of shooting and felt ashamed to back down. I wish I had. My uncertainty resulted in me being seriously injured and feeling misled and abused.”


“I was a beginner porn actor when I was offered to take part in a rape gay porn plot. Eager to prove myself, I arrived at the destination but no one was present. I waited outside when some big van came up to me and I was immediately pushed inside by two guys. I saw the camera ready and those 2 guys began to undress. I protested and screamed, but it didn’t help — I was really raped. Afterward, the camera guy told me that it was done for a more realistic look and gave me money. I was sick just touching it.”


“When I needed money, I decided to try to be a gay porn performer. I found a company, contacted them, and without thinking, I agreed to a month-long contract. My mistake was not to read what I signed attentively. So I fucked and was fucked by different guys of different ages. Most of them were 50+ daddies that made me sick and I was often forced to perform several times a day. There was lots of brutal filming that made me feel like a machine designed for fucking only. In the end, I contacted the company with relief and they said there were no any legal contracts between us. I was crushed but I couldn’t even afford a lawyer. I was a free hole for strangers’ dicks.”


“I loved shooting in gay porn because I’m gay and I love sex. Recently, I had to take part in porn with the beginners and I watched how they were treated. A boy who didn’t even look legal was raped by two guys at once. He was bleeding so much that I had to take him to the hospital, and later I was warned against ever doing that again. Another new guy was constantly slapped around by the producers and even his co-stars. My patience snapped when I saw an older man being openly abused, fucked and beaten, threatened to be kicked out if he resisted as they “gave him a chance despite his age”. And he was just taking it quietly. I left but it still haunts me.”


“As soon as I started shooting in gay porn, my limits kept being ignored. First I was slapped. Then I was bound forcefully. Then I was gagged and fucked raw. My protests were meaningless and in the end, I ran without even waiting for a paycheck because I started to fear for my health.”

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