15 Same-Sex Hookup Stories From Straight Guys

Sexuality is fluid. That’s why even straight men might have same-sex hookups while staying straight.

1)      Roommates

“My roommate and I shared a room for ages. We were assholes to each other and neither of us agreed to leave for an hour to let the other have a girl over. One night, we were watching porn and getting horny. I still don’t know how it happened but I grabbed his dick and he did the same to me. Jerking off certainly helped with frustration!”    

2)       Drunk

“Lots of booze. One sofa. No idea what happened as we never discussed it, but we woke up naked.”

3)      Jealous

“I’m still ashamed to recall it but one time, I caught my girlfriend cheating on me. I was so angry that I attacked the guy, but when I touched him, he kissed me. I was so surprised that I forgot all about my anger. He ended up giving me a blowjob and I jerked him off.”

4)       Fling

“I always wondered what it’s like to have gay sex. So I hooked up with a guy who was also curious and we had a short fling.”

5)      Dare

“A girl challenged me to get fingered by another guy. I was excited to prove I could do that. It was fun!”

6)      Forbidden

“My parents didn’t approve of LGBT so I had sex with a guy just to prove a point.”

7)      For Science

“I was never attracted to guys but I was determined to experience everything. So I hired a prostitute and I learned about rimming, sucking, and being fucked. Unforgettable but I’m not willing to repeat it!”

8)      Cold

“My friend and I were having a sleepover and it was so damn cold that we decided to share a blanket. He hugged me and wrapped his hand around my cock, then began to rub it. I allowed him. We also sucked each other off and fell asleep all warm and cozy.”

9)      Porn

    “I needed quick money, so I joined the porn industry for a while. Got some heavy experience with being fucked.”

10)   Role-Playing

“I dressed up as Bellatrix Lestrange for a party. There was a Voldemort-dressed guy who kept asking me for a dance. I got into the role so much that we had sex in the bathroom.”

11)  Cinema

“I always wanted to have sex in the cinema and my friend was willing, too. So we waited for the light to fade and jerked each other off. Then we had to lick the cum off our fingers.”

12)  Internet

“I was curious about gay sex but didn’t want to have a real one. So I hooked up with a guy and we had lots of online steamy action.”

13)  Tinder

“Saw a guy seeking a hookup on Tinder. He looked so feminine that I was curious what having sex with him would feel like. I fucked him. Still don’t know what I thought.”

14)  Helping

“My buddy came out and confessed that he’s afraid to fuck. I helped him out.”  

15)  Stressed

“Was studying with my friend. Got frustrated. Got laid and went back to homework.”

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