The 20 Hottest Gay Porn Stars to Follow on Instagram

Becoming popular in porn industry is not that easy. It takes many efforts. Though, there are many famous artists in this sector. Particularly popular are gay porn stars. These are handsome and sporty men. It is good to know that many gay porn stars have separate Instagram accounts. They have very nice looking profiles. What is more important they post new photos and videos regularly.

Famous Stars

There are many porn stars that like to promote their achievements in social media. It is the right approach. Many people can watch the profiles and get excited about them. Here are the top 20 gay porn stars:

  1. Mr. Keller. He is one of the most famous stars. He regularly updates his account. He has quite a handsome body.
  2. B. Korrigan. There is one specific feature of this guy. He is extremely sporty. That is why other men like so much to view his profile.
  3. Mr. Grey. He is quite an extraordinary figure. One of the main reasons for it is his love for trying on different costumes. This makes him particularly interesting.
  4. Misc. He is one of the most extraordinary porn stars. He always puts on fantastic costumes and tries different looks. He is a real star in the industry.
  5. Mr. Dane. This young man is known for his sporty body. The photos he posts are quite intelligent. They are simply erotic.
  6. King. This man likes to attract attention by posting photos with both males and females. He likes to be spotted at unusual spots.
  7. Seth. This guy knows to attract attention. He is known for the photos outdoors. He likes nature.
  8. Mr. Roman. He is one of the most famous gay stars. He is also very stylish. Each his look is great.
  9. Mr. Yoshi. He is one of the most famous stars from Asia. He likes to post quite controversial photos on Instagram.
  10. Hunter. He is another bright star. He has an excellent body. He posts photos regularly.
  11. Riley. He is a young porn star. The photos and clips with his participation are quite fun.
  12. Walker. He is an adult porn star. He is very handsome and mature. This truly attracts followers. He chooses interesting settings for shootings.
  13. Bishop. This guy has an excellent body. He always wears very good clothes for shootings.
  14. Mr. Cross. He likes to make the photos and videos at the public places. His posts are extremely popular.
  15. Cody. He is a man with excellent body. He is quite young. He actively posts on Instagram.
  16. Era. This man is famous for his tattoo body. The tattoos look very sexy.
  17. Schoneye. It is one of the most famous black gay stars. His body is truly fantastic.
  18. Defendi. This man has a fine body and a fine smile. These are the two reasons for his huge success.
  19. Forte. This man likes not only to post erotic photos online. He also posts pics with friends. His profile is quite interesting.
  20. Cooper. It is a man with perfect acting abilities. He knows to perform. That is why he is very famous.

These are the best of the best. Check their profiles.

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