Discover the Best Tumblr Blogs with Adult Content

One would never know it because of the Tumblr’s attempts to change it, however, the website developed for blogging has become an outstanding place to look for adult content. An immense number of pictures, bloggers who tend to practice amateur sex, gay pornstars and many others can be found there.

Top 24 Tumblr Porn Accounts

1) Wonderland

Tumblr porn account known for its black-and-white images mostly sex and elegant tattoos.

2) Taste This Kitty

Is a well-known account with a delectable buffet of boning, bondage, and more.

3) The Gifer

The Gifer offers up thousands of high-quality Tumblr porn GIFs. Nothing more, nothing less.

4) Always Horny

Straightforward without any frills, Always Horny features lots of blowjobs and rough sex.

5) Talk To Me

Talk To Me is a different type of porn Tumblr, featuring articles and lists designed to educate while they titillate.

6) Couples Goals

Couples Goals isn’t a traditional Tumblr porn site, but it’s an NSFW destination for lusting hearts, regardless.

7) Leggy Babes

This blog focuses on women with great legs, whether in leggings, short skirts, swimsuits, or any configuration you could imagine.

8) Addicted to Fucking and Sex

Slip off those clothes and saunter on over to Addicted to Fucking and Sex, a frequently updated page that doesn’t hold back.

9) Orgasmic Tips for Girls

This interesting account focuses on sexual pleasure for women.

10) Romantic Pornography

Billed essentially as “porn4ladies,” this blog takes a more sensual look at smut, adding a bit of artistry to the mix.

11) Lady Cheeky

Lady Cheeky is a great resource for high-brow hotties and body positivity.

12) Let’s Get Naked and Party

Let’s Get Naked and Party features the same buffet of blowjobs and penetration you’ve come to expect from a Tumblr porn blog.

13) Bijou

Mostly a gay content blog. Gay pornstars, naughty artwork, and whatever else strikes founder Steven Toushin’s fancy.

14) The Art of Porn

Beautiful things happen when you capture a person’s most intimate moments. The Art of Porn focuses on the high aesthetics of getting down, straddling the limits of both.

15) Dirty Berd

Originally started as a personal outlet for an anonymous author’s sexual exploration, Dirty Berd has evolved into one of the best sex-positive spaces on Tumblr.

16) Lovely Couples

Part of a Tumblr porn network. This curated collection shows partners at their most intimate and NSFW.

17) Free Adult Stories Daily

Erotica Tumblr site Free Adult Stories Daily gives you a new erotic fantasy every day, written out in long-form prose.

18) Boobs Are Cool

It’s hard to argue with the self-explanatory name of this Tumblr porn blog, and it’s even harder to look away.

19) Hey, It’s April

Porn star April O’Neil maintains a personal Tumblr that offers an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at her life.

20) melbournebator

This account is simply dedicated to the art of jerking off.

21) Kawaii BDSM

When it comes to softcore takes on BDSM, Kawaii BDSM is one of the best Tumblr blogs around.

22) Erotic Beauty and BDSM

The right place to see girls tied up and bound.

23) Art or Porn

If your favorite viewpoint is from behind, this Tumblr is for you.

24) Fuck Like a Woman

One of the top-rated blogs specialized in porn for women.

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